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If you understand the importance of our dear Planet, you should know about the multiple sources of energy that we are developing nowadays, great and clean sources of power that can be gathered from our environment, and have a safer approach to Mother Earth.

But we also know that fossil fuel is the most optimal, easy and better way to get our energy, since we’ve mastering the use of these elements for years and we know how to get the most out it. Yet sadly, as the years go by, we have realize that fossil fuel is limited and is also harmful to our planet, making a threat to our way of living.

With that in mind, we come to the dilemma of the type of energy we need to choose. Save Fundy is a blog that gives you the best information from these two worlds, as well as tell you what their differences are and what the best elements of each type of energy are. Making a fair comparison and also letting you know about the new information on these alternative energy sources.

Before we go further, please let me introduce myself. I’m Eve Alexander and I’m passionate about learning on the best types of energy available, for us and for our planet. After I started learning more and more about this, I realized the importance of having a website that could offer the most essential, and accurate information about fossil fuels and clean energy.

This idea bloomed into Save Fundy, and it has become a learning place where anyone can enjoy a great many interesting articles about the importance of clean energy, or the effectiveness of fossil fuels. It is important to be aware of the multiple sources of our energy and with Save Fundy we can finally understand these concepts in an easy friendly way.

So, if you want to learn about the best ways of saving energy consumption, or learn about the major differences between fossil fuels and other energy sources, Save Fundy should be your pick.

Additionally, you can begin to understand the importance of learning the many ways we can save energy and the newer ways to save our planet by choosing eco-friendly sources of energy.

For that and much more, Save Fundy is your source of information with the most accurate facts about alternative energy and fossil fuels. We are going to keep our work top notch in the years to come, since learning about all that surrounds energy is paramount for each individual inhabiting our beloved planet.