Energy Services Companies Throughout Canada and the US are Hurting

Energy Services Companies Throughout Canada and the US are Hurting

A quick growth segment in energy is the ESCO (Energy Service Company). Energy service organizations cover a diverse variety of energy sector solutions. An ESCO is a company that offers comprehensive energy solutions to their customers, like auditing, improving and developing changes to the ways the consumer utilizes energy, the main challenge being increased efficiency.

Evaluating only last year crude reached negative prices, we’ve since come-along way as energy news web-sites already are reporting that oil prices will continue to elevate through 2022. Even so there still remains much push back from administrations such as Canada, which have been executing policies that conflict with the industry in efforts to establish carbon neutral status in the future. In Canada albeit there are a variety of provinces and regions with oil reserves, none have more than that of Alberta. This particular province is holding 39% of Canada’s remaining oil reserves.

As the world emerges from the gripes of the COVID we’re witnessing the advancement of the ESCO. Another variation of energy service providers was the technological facet where technical measuring devices and additional diagnostic apparatus have grown to be common in this quickly evolving trade.

energy 2 300x225 - Energy Services Companies Throughout Canada and the US are HurtingIt is somewhat obscure outside of the field but energy rates and efficiency can be much better and in fact that is the central goal for most energy providers company. With deregulation in the USA energy market in the ’90s, the energy solutions company experienced a swift lift. Utilities, which for decades experienced the shelter of monopolies with guaranteed returns on power plant investments, now were forced to compete to supply power to the majority of their largest customers. Now they are customary amid many organizations such as municipalities, school districts, industrial projects and commercial verticals.

An enlightening examination between the USA and Canada demonstrates the contrasting disparities between a deregulating government like the USA is these days, and the progressive leading government of Canada. For that matter, as of writing this article Total has revealed they will be writing off over $6 billion in Alberta oil sands holdings in Canada.

With such a assortment of O&G solutions these providers offer, it is difficult to identify only a few while leaving out lots of other relevant varieties. but it is well worth keeping in mind that amongst this vertical, tech has played a pinnacle role in assisting the industry evolution. Though there are lots of different services inside this sector, one important thing they all share is an innate tie to the market in general.

Energy procurement organizations also play a crucial factor in the management of energy expenditures with the mission of lowering expenditures and making efficiency a main priority in numerous organizations. In contrast to popular opinion energy prices are in actual fact flexible and it’s energy consulting providers that can help companies discover more affordable energy prices. Energy consultants always initiate their jobs by conducting a total energy review and creating a start line. Energy consultants use a defined start point which is generally to execute a full and thorough energy audit, which could potential spot waste via pipeline leak detection, to be later applied as a gage of future energy savings. Organizations that use energy management companies understand the advantages of these reports by these energy service firms and so often work closely together. At this hierarchical tier the energy analysts have direct access to the organizations top brass.

Of the plethora of different service providers available, some may include shutdown providers, new plant construction, fuel flare venting, well service and chemical clean-up to name a few. You don’t have to look very far to see the devastation created by COVID19. Tens of thousands of jobs in the energy sector were lost in the first half of 2020 throughout the US and Canada.

energy 1 300x225 - Energy Services Companies Throughout Canada and the US are HurtingFor the purposes of this document we arranged to ask Raphael Tewes, a mobile steam services technician at Bloom Consulting what his thoughts were on the industry moving forward after the virus.

“What else can I say beyond it has been a disastrous strike to the sector but also we do really feel things will recuperate and we’re planning for that now.”

Shutdown solutions is another element to the wide range of services by energy service companies that entails project administration for the duration of operational shutdowns of facilities at the time of maintenance. This type of service can include all kinds of other services within it this includes regulative, measuring, proving and others. Depending on the scope of the job, these projects primarily last from two to four weeks.

ESCOs understand the complexity of maintaining governmental and other regulative guidelines to ensure they can attain efficiency, conformity and cost savings, for whatever company they have been working with. While it’s true there is certainly countless assorted providers delivered under the energy service array, what is certainly, cost and efficiency as their primary focus.

Ahead of COVID we’d already started to see utility companies begin to transform themselves and make themselves more relevant by grouping service you may not of previous thought they could offer. Things like internet providers now offering bundles with TV and home phone on top of the internet service. It’s become widespread in the United States and Canada that energy providers are now offering bundled service like television, Internet and home phone but actually there is way more of this going on in the B2B side whilst society monitoring and alarm systems are also being offered. From a purely financial/company understanding this marriage of utility company and service company is quite smart.

Now before you go thinking this means the end of energy service providers organizations I’d like to emphasis that industrial energy service providers companies or those working in vegetation management, are a modern necessity and can never be substituted by utility giants. While there remains the chance they could bring them more internally versus outside private organizations. That said we wish that 2022 brings much prosperity to the energy sector and we can think back at 2020 as a year of lessons.

The Rapid Rise of the Energy Services Provider

The Rapid Rise of the Energy Services Provider

Ever since the early ’90s we’ve seen the introduction of energy service organizations. The start of the energy services company can be accredited to the energy crisis of the late 1970s, as business owners formed ways to battle the rise in energy prices. An energy service company (ESCO) is a company that provides comprehensive energy solutions to its clientele, like auditing, redesigning and developing modifications to the ways the client utilizes energy, the definitive challenge being refined efficiency.

It has become definite that the “new norm” post COVID-19 is compelling providers to look at their company models and adapt appropriately. Yet another version of energy providers was the technical aspect whereas sophisticated measurement instruments and other analytical devices have emerged as common in this quickly developing field.

energy services 1 - The Rapid Rise of the Energy Services ProviderIt is fairly unknown outside the field but energy rates and efficiency can be improved and the reality is that is the primary challenge for any energy services company. With deregulation in the United States energy market in the 90s, the energy providers business experienced a rapid boost. Utilities, which for a long time experienced the cover of monopolies with certain gains on power plant assets, now had to reluctantly compete to supply power to a lot of their largest clientele. Now they’re commonplace among many organizations this includes municipalities, school districts, industrial jobs and commercial verticals.

In 2006 the industry group NAESCO said energy service firms expanded by 22% and stated $2.6 billion in revenue marking an important moment for energy services companies all over the U . S .. In Canada the popularity of energy services companies also grew dramatically mainly in the oil abundant province of Alberta.

There are a large number of options of energy service organizations including but not limited to: automation, drafting, project management, drilling, fuel flare vent, industrial cleaning and quite a few other energy services. In fact we could go on all day about the detailed list of service providers energy services companies provide.

Energy procurement firms also play a vital role in the management of energy expenditures with the challenge of lowering spending and making efficiency a priority in numerous organizations. The principal focus of energy consultants is to always save their client dough by reducing energy costs and making existing operations more cost effective. Setting up a base before starting on any energy cost savings venture is an essential component to any energy management firm. This provides a layout of current energy use which sets out to ascertain reference points so the energy management consultant can prove any future cost savings. Most of the time you’ll find the energy consultancy firm working jointly with executives with every organization they are contracted by. This provides for brisk important decisions. The importance of the close working relationship among the energy consultant and the organizations managers can’t be undervalued given during any energy review it’s imperative to have management promptly available.

Field energy services providers offer a wide array of services like meter proving, sampling and analysis, electrical and instrumentation, construction, automation and controls and even software solutions. As to be expected across much of the world, coronavirus has forced the industry to rediscover itself and therefore we are now seeing many companies adapt to this “new normal”.

We interviewed an executive with EnStar Energy providers who had this to say about our post-COVID world.

“What the future holds post COVID19 is anyone’s guess however we can persevere as we always do by adapting to what everybody is labeling the new normal.”

energy management - The Rapid Rise of the Energy Services ProviderTurnaround service is an additional component to the range of providers by energy service providers that includes project administration throughout operational turnarounds of factories at the time of maintenance. This sort of service can include a number of other services within it which includes regulative, measurement, meter testing and others. Based on the degree of the job, these contracts ordinarily last from 2-4 weeks.

Energy advisor service providers understand the complexities of maintaining governmental and other regulative specifications to make sure that they can obtain efficiency, compliancy and savings, for regardless of which organization they may be employed with. The underlying goal for anybody in the energy service providers company will be to attempt to save their clients, in some form or another, with lower energy expenses. Now this could mean just making present systems more streamlined.

Nowadays its not uncommon to find ISP (Internet Service Providers) that are providing bundles with television, phone, internet and even sometimes home alarm, through one provider. In the U.S. and Canada this transformation has already started with major utility organizations bundling their service and coupling them with the bow of discounts, in an effort to lure people and businesses to entrust them for all their energy service needs. From a strictly economic/business view this union of utility company and service company is brilliance.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Wouldn’t this make energy services companies go the way of the dinosaur? Nope. Think of this like the battle of the Titans whereas the big utility organizations are the ones who will battle for the energy consumer cash. There are numerous services encompassed by the term energy service providers company. Many, if not most, all are tied to boots on the ground industrial providers like those in the oilfields. Having said that we wish that 2021 brings much good fortune to the energy sector and we can look back at 2020 as a year of lessons.

Should You Think About Marketing For Your Energy Services Company?

Should You Think About Marketing For Your Energy Services Company?

Of course you should! But seriously, in large most energy services companies don’t bat an eye when it comes to marketing and improving their exposure in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

In a recent study the extent of limited marketing for energy services companies became clear. The conclusion of this study displays that the vast majority of energy companies do not focus much of their marketing budget towards SEO (search engine optimization) or Google Local SEO.

energy services marketing - Should You Think About Marketing For Your Energy Services Company?Post COVID-19 it has become clear that companies will have no choice to take online marketing in search seriously. As we emerge out the other side of this gripping lockdown, companies understand more today than ever, the importance of attracting leads from a variety of different venues. Worth mentioning is the companies ranking in what’s called Google Local.

Google Local is a different search query than a traditional Google search. These queries trigger when someone searches for “XYZ service near me” or “XYZ service in ABC city”. The results shown come from Google My Business and Maps. Surprisingly though there are many energy services companies that do not claim their business or even know how to. Claiming your business is when you verify ownership of the business in the eyes of Google by means of a coded postcard in the mail. Until you claim your business Google will naturally have your business listed but you have no control over that business including reviews, hours of operation, locations, description and services to name a few.

As you can see it is of the utmost importance to remain on top of your digital marketing efforts of your business. The higher your business ranks in both Google Local and Google organic, the more likely potential clients will view you as the authority and chose you or your competitors.

At the end of the day there are a laundry list of items one should keep tabs on to remain relevant and ahead of the competitor curve when it comes to energy services companies and how they market themselves. Generating a consistent flow of inbound energy leads can be difficult and tedious, therefore it’s important to select a marketing company with a keen eye on the pulse of the energy sector and who knows how to generate energy leads to your business.

One such company we’d recommend who’s up to the task is Energy Services Marketing (ESM), a marketing and lead generation company solely focused on the energy sector. ESM is at the forefront of SEO and lead generation for energy services companies and their results stand testament to this.

Fossil Fuel Against Clean Energy, Which One is More Affordable for the World?

Fossil Fuel Against Clean Energy, Which One is More Affordable for the World?

We understand that when it comes to the many alternatives of energy that we have, each one of them has their own differences that made them sometimes more appealing than others. Fossil fuel, for instance, is one of the most used ways to get our energy, and we have known this source for a long time, making us experts in using it.

But the clean energy sources are also attractive for us, since they represent a better way to save our planet, and as well an interesting approach of what we can do without making harm to our environment.

Both of these options are acceptable when it comes to collect our energy, but one of their differences is how cheaper or expensive they are. And here, we will learn about the price of each one, which one is more affordable for us to use, as well what clean energy can give us that fossil fuel can’t and vice versa.

Fossil Fuel

plant fossil fuel energy - Fossil Fuel Against Clean Energy, Which One is More Affordable for the World?

When it comes to fossil fuels, one of the advantages is that is cheaper to store, as well to transport, making it probably the first option and the easiest way, since it does not need a lot of effort and manpower for the process or to maintain it safe, something that you cannot achieve with other energy resources.

Clean Energy sources

industry machine transport system - Fossil Fuel Against Clean Energy, Which One is More Affordable for the World?

This kind of energy requires a lot of manpower, but companies will need more attention and workers, which mean that there will be an increase in jobs and it will affect the economy positively. Not only that but with its low waste, it does not need a large residual area, making it more affordable.

In overall, Fossil Fuels are cheaper to produce.

waters sunset sky dusk river - Fossil Fuel Against Clean Energy, Which One is More Affordable for the World?

Sure, it is expensive to extract the oil and refine it, as well paying the personnel, but the return investment compensates for those expenses, not to mention that the newer machines reduce the cost of extracting the oil.

There is no doubt when it comes to these two types of energy one is cheaper than the other, but we must not forget that each one have their beneficial parts and, in comparison, they save money in different ways.

Renewable Energy – What we Know so Far

Renewable Energy – What we Know so Far

We’ve been used to fossil fuel for a long time and is easy to see why since it offers the best and most basic way to get our energy without presenting any inconvenience, or at least that’s what we previously thought.

Nowadays we understand that renewable energy is the way to go since fossil fuel energy has damaged our environment to catastrophic levels. That’s one of the main reasons why renewable energy is so appealing today and represents the future for our society if we wish to finally be able to save our planet, without giving up our technology.

What is Renewable Energy?

solar system roof power generation - Renewable Energy - What we Know so Far

In order to explain what renewable energy is, we have to think about the energy sources that we have in our environment and can be naturally replenished without our intervention. One of these sources is the wind, and it is the most appealing and easy to absorb, thus wind power is seen as one of the easiest ways to extract renewable energy.

That’s one of the ways we can observe renewable energy in our environment, there’s also hydropower energy and solar energy, that is also being used in creative ways such as solar panels in buildings which can absorb part of their energy consumption with these panels.

What Role Does Renewable Energy Play in America?

alternative cell clean ecological - Renewable Energy - What we Know so Far

Keep in mind that we’ve already seen the contamination and damaging effects of fossil fuels, and we’ve mentioned that we’ve used this method for a long time. Using renewable energy sources help us clean our planet and set ourselves up for a better future. Not to mention that helps reducing greenhouse gas emission, and it doesn’t produce harmful waste to our environments.

There’s no doubt that the future is built with renewable energy, but still is hard for us to free ourselves from the use of fossil fuel, that’s why we need to further research on renewable energy sources, and how to ease the change of sources in our lives gradually.

The Bright Side of using Fossil Fuel in Modern Times

The Bright Side of using Fossil Fuel in Modern Times

Fossil Fuel energy is the world’s most used way to obtain our fuel and electricity, and after decades of using this incredible resource for producing our energy, it is time for us to read what the advantages are.

Fossil Fuels are the foundation for other types of energy

dawn drill dusk evening - The Bright Side of using Fossil Fuel in Modern Times

Definitely, we are more advanced in how we use fossil fuel, thanks to all those years in which we have been developing our technology towards the use of this resource. It is a well-known fact that our telephones, computers and even other renewable sources of energy have a foundation in fossil fuel.

Cheap and reliable

photography of one us dollar banknotes - The Bright Side of using Fossil Fuel in Modern Times

An important fact about fossil fuel is that it is more affordable than any other type of energy, this includes any type of renewable energy as well. Not to mention, that it is easier to transport and store, also, it is a a reliable type of source that has proven to be effective in any given task.

Fossil Fuel is safe to use

low angle view of illuminated tower against sky at night - The Bright Side of using Fossil Fuel in Modern Times

Thinking about the other ways of energy, fossil fuel is, by far, a safer alternative than the experimental projects on renewable energy. In addition, this resource has been catching up with the multiple problems that are occurring on our planet, and it has been reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Fossil fuel is still available

person taking a photo of blue and white gasoline station - The Bright Side of using Fossil Fuel in Modern Times

We know that this is a non-renewable type of energy, but believe it or not, there are still a lot of fossil fuels resources that are being discovered each year, making it sustainable and prolonging the duration of such energy.

Without a doubt, Fossil fuel is a formidable way of getting our energy and for the time being, it has proven to have a lot of benefits for us and our technology.