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Write for us

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Overall speaking, Save Fundy is an unique blog when it comes to originality and relevance, since it’s one of the few websites around, that truly cares about its content. Additionally, we are always developing newer ways to incorporate and add the most original content around, since we understand the importance of energy in our current times.

That’s why we are so compromised with delivering only the best reports and articles, as well as interesting facts about energy, presented in ways that are friendly to any reader that doesn’t know a lot about energy. We are here to educate and raise awareness on the relevance of the different kinds of energy nowadays.

With professionalism, Save Fundy keeps their content the most exact and accurate, without delivering any fake news or anything that isn’t related to energy. With so many types of energy sources around, it’s a hard task to keep our blog updated with this constant influx of new information, that’s why we need the help of our readers in order to have the biggest amount of accurate information around.

With that being said, if you are interested in becoming part of Save Fundy and contribute with your reports and articles about energy and energy sources, you are more than welcome to do so. Keep in mind that, before being able to write for us, you have to submit a sample of your writings, in order to check if you have the knowledge and the skills necessary to be part of Save Fundy.

Our blog is definitely a great way to learn about energy, and we want to keep this website the way it is, maintaining our reputation for being the great website that we are, and thus we need volunteers to help Save Fundy.

For that, if you are truly interested in this offer and want to be part of our team, you just need to send us a message with your intentions. You can do so by using our contact information available in this website.